Why Sustainable Seed ?


Our services are human-oriented. More than offering services, we collaborate with people to get to know them better and to offer them the impact they would like to have, whether on people, the environment, or our society.

Responsible Business

Leadership is about empowering people and taking care of those in charge. We empower people through tailored consulting and mentorship services for purpose-driven people willing to building a sustainable world.

Tailored Services

We are on the mission for a more sustainable, resilient, and human-centered industry. We take time to listen to people's purposes and need to tailor the most efficient and valuable service for them and their projects.

From Our Story to Sustainable Seed

After several years of experience in social and responsible entrepreneurship, sustainability, and environmental, social, and governance standards, one observation emerges: Today, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is more and more composed of people who combine studies and student jobs, and who have innovative and social ideas in their heads. 

However, these sectors are not accessible to all entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to positively and responsibly impacting our world, be it for financial reasons, time issues, or a lack of relevant and supportive networks.

Sustainable Seed” is an obvious choice of name. The verb sustain and the term seed apply here to projects that entrepreneurs and project holders are implementing or would like to implement while considering sustainability. 

As every human being has his own story and purpose, both terms applies also to project holders, managers, and leaders themselves who must sustain themselves through their inspiration and their truth to positively impact people, the environment, and our society. 

Sustain Yourself, Sustain the World.

Let’s make a social and responsible impact together.

Sustainable Seed reflects our engagement in contributing to empowering entrepreneurs, project holders, and managers in their daily entrepreneurial journey. 

An engagement we aim to fulfill by providing purpose-driven sustainability consulting services that create a positive social impact on and for people, the environment, and our society.

Our Services

Increasing Social Impact

Entrepreneurs don’t start an impact business because it’s easy. They do so because they want to make a difference. But limiting the scope of their impact can be challenging. We support entrepreneurs in figuring out the best way to approach impact and sustainable business.

Integrating SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a necessary development to address current social challenges. We help entrepreneurs to understand the SDGs, define which want they would integrate, and integrate them into their core business and strategy.

Guiding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs encounter many challenges and risks in their entrepreneurial journey, which sometimes seem insurmountable or dehumanising. We guide entrepreneurs and managers to become responsible entrepreneurs and to apply human and inspiring leadership

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